Buying or Selling a Luxury Home

There is more to understanding what classifies a home as a “luxury” home than just the amount of living square feet, the size of the property or the neighborhood in which the home is located in.

To some, the term “luxury” is relative, but to put it in a more relatable sense, while those who own a Chevrolet may consider a Cadillac a luxury vehicle, very few people would put the Cadillac in the same luxury market of a Rolls Royce or the foreign “exotic” vehicles you occasionally see on the road.  The same can be said about “Luxury” properties.

While many builders “interpret” the luxury market when building a home at a more affordable price, typically the “high end” accoutrements found in these more modestly priced homes are either missing, or the attention to detail has been watered down.

The luxury home offers a refinement in the details.  Luthron lighting, “movement” in the granite, “hand scrapped exotic” wood flooring, rough edged Italian and Turkish Travertine flooring, triple and quadruple tray and coffered ceilings, decorative niches, distressed columns and stonework, circular Roman showers and  Viking and Wolf stainless steel appliances are just some of the appointments that are more commonplace in the luxury home market.  However, what goes on behind the walls can be equally as impressive from how the home is constructed to the insulation materials or electrical systems that allow for computer monitoring and operation of the home from a distant location!

Finding someone who has a design background or experience marketing luxury homes not only helps you appreciate the quality of the home under consideration, but whether the refinements justify the price.