Mark and Leigh McCann, Not Your Typical High Flyers!

Meet Allegiant Airlines Captains, Mark and Leigh McCann. If you are a “white knuckle flier” like me, you’ll find yourself in some of the most capable hands in the industry with these two. They are engaging, extremely knowledgeable and have a great sense of humor, as you’ll soon find out…. Read more »

Mike Riley…Not Your Average Boogieman

We have all come across people who have either impacted our lives or the communities in which we live. Someone who has impressed me both personally, as well as, for the contribution he has made to our community is Mike Riley, Charlotte County Schools Community Relations Officer, Charitable fundraiser and founder of one of the… Read more »

Charlotte County, Fl – Are We Still the Best Place to Live?

Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes fame had a sarcastic wit I loved. It wasn’t his sarcasm that captivated me as much as his introspective questioning of viewpoints we take as gospel. However, it wasn’t until CNN Money’s most recent article on “Best Places to Live” that I thought of Mr. Rooney’s profound insight that got… Read more »

Murdock Village – Will It Ever Get off the Ground?

Recently I have written about a proposed business incubator being targeted for the former Impac University and business performance consulting company site in the downtown historic district of Punta Gorda. After much public backlash, the Charlotte County Commissioners voted to delay any vote to go ahead with the $2.5 million purchase of this property as… Read more »

Port Charlotte – Voted One of the 10 Best Places to Live

Voted “One of the ten best places in the nation to retire due to its affordability and proximity to the water,” this is just the latest affirmation of Port Charlottes continued attractiveness for those looking to retire. Noted in the article was Port Charlotte’s previous mention as the “Top retirement town” in the March 2010… Read more »

Murdock Village – a Tourism Goldmine in Southwest Florida

In a recent semiannual joint meeting between Charlotte Commission and Punta Gorda City Council, newly appointed Director of Economic Development for Charlotte County, Tom Patton, outlined the exciting new developments for the 870 acre parcel known as Murdock Village. Purchased by the county in 2003 for $118 million, and sitting vacant since then, much to… Read more »

Punta Gorda Isles and Burnt Store Isles, Southwest Florida’s Most Affordable Waterfront Gem

Until Hurricane Charley hit the City of Punta Gorda head on five years ago this year, most people in the United States never heard of this unique Florida City with a Spanish name. Even those within the state didn’t recognize this town which in English means “Fat Point.” However, what makes this Southwest Florida’s city… Read more »